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Tagger Cat is a Visual Model Driven Java Application Framework for rapidly building Business applications.
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The PRO Kit is a commercial offering that you can take advantage of to significantly accelerate your projects. It is a collection of pre-built, proven application components that are commonly needed in public facing and business applications. We've developed and use these components as part of our own products.

Multi-tenant entity sequences
as “Pseudo PKs”

After a lot of research and testing, we've concluded that multi-tenant support is probably best implemented using the "All Tenants in a Single Database Schema" strategy.

However, taking this approach introduces its own issues; a key one is that each tenant usually needs to have their own sequence of entity identifiers; what we have termed “Pseudo PKs”.

We've developed a database and Hibernate compatible mechanism to nicely handle this.

User Self Sign-up and User management

If you are building a public facing application supporting end user Self Sign-up you'll need some common components; such as a signup page, with AJAX validations, domain and IP based validations, and with corresponding confirmation emails, etc.

Having a Business application support Self Sign-up can also take a burden off of application administrators.

We've also included ReCaptcha integration to make it more secure.

Rules Based Page Level Messages

This component allows you to have Rule based messages, specific to application pages and model and application state.

Multi-tenant Backup and
Restore Procedures

Using the "All Tenants in a Single Database Schema" strategy is great because you only have one physical data model to maintain and backup. In a disaster recovery scenario, all tenants can be restored in a single action.

However, if a single tenant requests to have their database restored from backup, it becomes more complicated. So we developed SQL scripts for this purpose, and include them in our PRO Kit.

Project Glossary with
Hover-over definitions

We find that almost all Business applications have their own collection of acronyms, terms and abbreviations. We've built a generic set of Glossary components to handle this. It includes automatic Hover-Over definitions.

Bulk Update - with rules and permissions

For simple applications, changing data at a row at a time is OK. But it is a common requirement to allow users to filter to a specific set of rows and then to allow them to apply a Bulk Update operations upon that selection.

Inbound email Poller to create new
entities, and updates via email, with attachments

In our applications we allow email to be used as a form of an API. Specifically, we allow registered users to submit new items, or to make changes to existing items via email. This is great for allowing executives, and casual users to participate in the process with the tool they are probably most comfortable with.

Our Inbound email poller does just that. It also includes support for dealing with email attachments, and sending confirmation messages.

Rules and Permissions are also applied as emailed entities are inserted or updated.

In situ context code assist for
editing rules; and Rhino snippets

Tagger Cat's declarative business logic is pretty cool, if we may say so ourselves. The basic admin pages allow for interactive testing, and makes editing quite acceptable.

However, you don't have the productivity of context assist such as what is available in most IDEs.

With the PRO Kit we include a reasonably nice context code assist feature, including some Rhino snippets. It is highly customizable, and can be easily extended.

HTML email templates, with
Interactive Testing

Generating email messages from templates is a common application need. Supporting HTML based email adds an additional layer of complexity.

Like all things Tagger Cat, we've embraced JSP templating for this. We've included a nice interactive testing environment hosted right in the application.

User Profile Administration native to application

All applications need some form of User Profile administration. The PRO Kit includes these user profile components, SQL scripts, and administration forms that allow administrators to take care of this function from within the application.

Export to Excel with
Color Coded Code table values

Almost all business applications need to support exporting data to Excel. We packaged this up into a fairly generic component. It also supports our color coded code tables with matching colors in the exported excel files.

Color Coded Code Table Functionality

We've added color coding support to most of our code tables. This is a common request from business users who historically manage their data with Excel.

It also, allows users to have a quick visual overview when a lot of data is presented on a single page.

The PRO Kit gives you this support for color coded code tables, and a generic code table editor.

One-Click Production deployment

We develop with Eclipse and ANT. As part of our ANT build script we developed some ANT Tasks for production deployment to our Linux servers. This is not too hard to do, nor super elaborate, but once again, it is real nice to see a working implementation in action.

Pre-Compiled JSPs and JS Minification

As part of our deployments we always Pre-Compile our JSP. In addition, we minify and compress our CSS and JS code. Once again, this is common practice, and there is nothing too difficult about it, but its nice to have this in your Kit.

Bulk Insert of new Users

If you have a lot of users, you can use our pre-built bulk insert functionality to add them to the application.


The PRO Kit is packaged as a complete Tagger Cat application WAR file, and associated MySQL database scripts. It is actually one of our production apps, without all of our application specific parts. We price the PRO Kit on a per client specific basis, and only sell it with associated training. Please contact us for more details.