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Tagger Cat is a Visual Model Driven Java Application Framework for rapidly building Business applications.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.


Introduction and Motivation

Tagger Cat is all about productivity.

Firstly, we wanted a highly productive JSP based framework that both Page Designers and Java Developers would be happy with.

Secondly, we wanted more of a fully integrated application development stack, where each project did not have to develop its own integration with a persistence framework, security, and business logic.

We also needed a framework that was fully integrated with Hibernate, and supported model driven development. In addition to model driven development, we needed both declarative business logic and security with administration of both of them native to the application.

Lastly, we needed visual JSP development supporting Dreamweaver's visual design view.

These are pretty lofty goals; but we feel that we've accomplished all of the them, and a lot more.


Our Shameless Sales Pitch

Tagger Cat is a highly effective and productive action based JSP framework. Tagger Cat offers nearly complete visual JSP based development within Dreamweaver™.

Tagger Cat supports advanced templating with Model Driven Regions™. The Model is the combination of the Extended Hibernate metadata and the Region's template definition.

1 A typical Tagger Cat JSP page requires zero lines of supporting Java code.
2 Tagger Cat makes JSP development very easy. By using our Dreamweaver™ Tagger Extension, the presentation tier of a web application can be easily built by web page designers; and not hard-core Java developers..
3 Tagger Cat is very configuration light; where the Page Designer has the power to easily control all action responses.

Please checkout the on-line Training videos and demos; then decide for yourself if this is for you.

Want a One-on-One Live Demo and walk through?

There is a LOT to Tagger Cat. We think that you really have to see it in action to get a full appreciation for it.

We can even set up a One-on-One live demo and walk through of it.









Rip Snorting Fast

Key Features

  • Rapid Visual JSP design in Dreamweaver™
  • Extended metadata drives the development
  • Minimal hand developed Java code
  • Declarative Business Logic
  • Business logic can be changed at runtime
  • Declarative Logic supports Rhino Scripting
  • Declarative Security
  • Automated RESTful URLs
  • Bookmarkable URLs
  • Clean, Logical URLs
  • Native administration of Business Logic and Security
  • Multi-Tenant Support built in
  • Jump Start Application Builder
  • Automated Hibernate Integration
  • Automated Code Table functionality
  • Uses JSP based code generation templates at design time
  • Page elements automatically reflect security permissions
  • Configuration light ( nearly zero )
  • Advanced Query by Form searching
  • Browser Window scoped objects
  • Integrated Undo functionality
  • Declarative Action Chaining
  • Tools and MetaData Synchronizer
  • AJAX support included
  • Universal AJAX field validations
  • Messages live through redirects
  • Easily extended
  • Well documented

Open Source and License

Tagger Cat is a free open source framework, and is licensed under the LGPL.

We also offer a PRO Kit with a ton of pre-built components to accelerate your application development.

Contact us

If you have questions about this project, or would like to know about or to contribute to it, you can contact us by email: info@sys-dynamics.com. You can join our group forum here.

We are also available the good old fashion way by picking up the phone and giving us a call.