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Rip Snorting Fast
Tagger Cat is a Visual Model Driven Java Application Framework for rapidly building Business applications.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.


Rapid, Visual JSP Design

Tagger Cat supports rapid visual JSP development. It lets you template any common page regions using advanced templates.

While, we don't believe in "generate it all" kind of tools; Tagger Cat's approach is "generate as much as you want".

Model Driven Development - not UML

Tagger Cat uses extended Hibernate metadata to support model driven development. The metadata provides you with:

  • automation of a huge portion of your application's development
  • declarative business logic
  • declarative security

Model Driven Development does not mean UML here.

We have nothing against UML, it just that we find most real software development projects can never stay in sync with the UML models.

With Tagger Cat, the extended Hibernate model is the key runtime component, and is always in sync with the running application.

Since the Hibernate model is the canonical form of the application's model, why not leverage that?

Minimal Hand Developed Code

Declarative Security

With Tagger Cat most JSP pages require zero lines of supporting Java code.

Most of the needed functionality is provided by the core framework, and via JSP tags.

Hand written Java code is usually only needed to provide custom action handlers. We've made this super clean too. So, your Java code is very predictable, and easy to maintain.

On the presentation side, the generated JSP page regions are a just as clean and as readable as any hand-crafted page.

Multi-tenant Support built in

Multi-tenant support is built right into the framework. Our multi-tenant support is implemented using the All Tenants in One Physical Database strategy.

This is not a trivial implementation. It goes very deep and includes the declarative business logic, security, permissions, metadata, code tables, menus, and model entities.

This is a big deal... please don't under estimate it!

Super Integration with Hibernate™

Tagger Cat was built from the ground up to leverage Hibernate, and Hibernate's metadata. We've made using Hibernate for business applications really, really easy.

We've also added some pretty cool features to automatically work with Hibernate's lazy loading, and collection management.

Uses JSP based code generation
templates at design time

We've embraced JSP for everything that needs to be, or can be templated. We use JSP to generate:

  • JSP - that's right JSP to generate JSP
  • AJAX and XML
  • Email - both text and HTML formatted

This leverages your teams current skill set.

Using JSP is incredibly powerful since you have complete access to the application's enhanced metadata using our tag library, and any JSTL tags, and expressions.

You've got to see this one in action to appreciate it.

Advanced Query By Form Searching

Declarative Security

Advanced Query By Form is built in as a key feature of the framework.

QBF allows you to easily build sophisticated search screens typically needed by most business applications.

Browser Scoped Objects

We support browser scoped objects, giving you one more scope to support your application's needed functionality. This also enables your application to better handle users that need to open multiple browser windows.

Easily Extended - A pleasure to use

This framework has its origins in our frustration with other frameworks that were just not productive enough, and just not fun to use.

We've put a lot into Tagger Cat to make it as easy as possible to use and extend.

We think it is one of the best overall business focused web application frameworks available.

Cool AJAX support built in

There are a lot of frameworks providing AJAX support. We love jQuery and we use jQuery a LOT for all kinds of UI interactions!

But, for AJAX we've developed our own library that is based upon using a markup based command file. It makes it super easy to author Ajax responses using JSP and our tag libraries.

Of course, you can use our AJAX functionality, jQuery's, or anyone else's with Tagger Cat.

SaaS Savvy

Delivering Software-as-a-Service has a ton of advantages, and is probably going to be the biggest market segment in the near future.

Delivering Software-as-a-Service also has a ton of challenges.

Tagger Cat's built in multi-tenant support, and tenant specific business logic let's you easily develop these applications, and painlessly deploy them in the cloud.

Extended Metadata Drives the Development

The Extended Metadata drives the development. It is the key central component of the application. Everything hinges off of, and leverages the Metadata. This includes the rapid page development, declarative security, and business logic.

Here's more insight into how we deliver productivity.

Declarative Business Logic

We think Tagger Cat's declarative business logic is pretty cool because it is declared and tested right from within your running application. Additionally, it:

  • supports effective From and To dates
  • can be interactively tested before being enabled live
  • Uses EL or Sandboxed Rhino scripting
  • is tenant specific, in multi-tenant deployments
  • supports Rule Inheritance with OO semantics

The advantages of Model Driven Development combined with Declarative Business Logic are very significant in reducing both development and long term application costs.

Declarative Security

Declarative Security

Tagger Cat's declarative security allows you to easily specify who can view, search, edit, or delete any entity or change any properties. Of course this totally leverages our metadata system, and is supported in multi-tenant environments.

Add it goes beyond ACLs, letting you use EL and Scripting when needed.

Plug in Change History Module

Declarative Security

What business application does not need a Change Auditing or Change History feature?

Our Change History module allows you to simply plug this into your application; with almost no additional code.

Changes are automatically tracked to the system wide change history; detailing who changed exactly what and when.

Native Administration of Security

Declarative Security

Administration of security is natively hosted right within your application. Security permissions can be changed in real time; so there's no need to re-deploy or cycle the application to make security changes.

Native Administration of Business Logic

Tagger Cat applications have native administration of business logic. This makes it easy to interactively test it, and validate it. Since your business logic can be changed in real-time, you can respond to business needs faster.

Universal AJAX field validation

Declarative Security

All of your application's data fields are automatically validated against your declarative logic and data types via AJAX. No additional code is required.

Clean Logical URLs

Declarative Security

It is easy to define clean logical URLs that reflect your application's logical structure, and are completely independent of the application's file structure.

Jump Start Application Builder

Declarative Security

One of the hurdles in building Java web applications is just getting all the scaffolding in place. This includes the basic WAR file structure, with all the needed jars and other file artifacts, and getting the basic application up and running connecting to the database.

Our Stub Application builder fills that need with a simple visual form and ANT script that builds your application's scaffolding so that you can have a running application up and working within minutes. Of course, the stub application is itself templated, so that you can build this out and extend it as needed.

Automatic Code Table Functionality

Code tables, AKA look-up tables, are a fundamental unit of any business application model. Therefore, Tagger Cat has significant direct support for code tables built right in.

Code tables can also be Multi-tenant enabled. Therefore, each application's tenant can have their own code table entries.

Our Pro Kit gives you support for color coded code tables, and a generic code table editor.

Page elements automatically reflect security

All page elements automatically reflect the current user's security permissions. If users don't have edit permission on a property, the corresponding form elements are display only. If users don't have insert or edit permission on an entity, then any corresponding action elements are also automatically disabled / or not rendered.

Configuration Light

Tagger Cat is very configuration light, and does not need external XML files. Rather, almost everything is declared in JSP tags, and simple Java annotations.

Super Easy Page based Wizards

We've made Page based wizards super easy. Like other JSP pages, the wizards can leverage our logical URLs, and have data scoped to them.

Tools and MetaData Synchronizer

We've built tools to keep your application's enhanced metadata synced with Hibernate's model. It super simple, and can be scripted as part of the build process.

Of course, the MetaData Tools also support multi-tenant deployments.

Automatically Aliased JSPs

You can enable automatic aliasing of JSP file names. This is a nice feature that pretty much eliminates .jsp file extensions from being included in URLs, and anchors etc.

Although this is mostly a cosmetic deal, it is a nice touch that goes nicely with our clean logical URLs.

Integrated Undo Functionality

We've included Undo functionality into Tagger Cat; much like what is found in most desktop applications.