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Rip Snorting Fast
Tagger Cat is a Visual Model Driven Java Application Framework for rapidly building Business applications.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.
  • Build it faster, Build it better.


Build it Faster, Build it Better

Quite simply, Tagger Cat is all about productivity.

It allows you to build business applications faster by eliminating much of the tedium usually associated with Java web application development.

By leveraging the model driven development, declarative business logic and security, you can respond to business changes in near real time.

This also means that you can focus on delivering Business Results, and not getting mired down into framework development.

More Maintainable Applications

Tagger Cat applications are more maintainable due to:

  • significantly reduced hand developed Java code
  • rapid model driven development
  • use of predictable and repeatable patterns
  • declarative business logic and security
  • multi-tenant support built in
  • super clean JSPs

Minimal Hand Developed Code

Feature Demo

Less hand developed code means faster application delivery.

Faster application deliver means validating real business requirements sooner, and responding to change quicker.

But, its not just Java code we are talking about here. It applies to JSP and HTML development too.

You can template almost any imaginable type of page region, and have it rebuildable at a click. That's productivity!

Multi-tenant Support built in

If you are planning on supporting multiple tenants with in your application, you have a LOT of work ahead of you.

Multi-tenant support is not trivial, especially when you need to support custom business logic and security on a per-tenant basis.

With Tagger Cat, it comes built right in!

Full Stack Hibernate™ Integration

If you have used other frameworks and needed to develop your own persistence integration, you know that this is a very big undertaking.

Tagger Cat has done all this heavy lifting for you.

Happier Customers

In the end, custom application development is all about timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. Customers are usually happiest when you can deliver their needed business value in a very short timeframe.

Happier Developers

Our experience is that developers are happy when they are just getting cool stuff done, every day, without hitting walls.

A lot of developers have been turned off of Java for web application development due to its historical pain points and perceived low productivity. And a few have even gone "Vader".

We love Java, and think that Tagger Cat easily competes against any other web framework on both a productivity and feature basis, regardless of the technology.

Visual and Super Clean JSPs

Feature Demo

One of the historical pain points in doing JSP development is the lack of visual page design within web authoring tools such as Dreamweaver. Our Tagger Cat Dreamweaver extension gives you that visual design view.

In addition, Tagger Cat JSP pages are super clean, and easy to read and understand.

Feature Rich

Tagger Cat has a ton of pre-built features commonly needed by business applications. So, you can focus on providing business solutions, and not on building frameworks.

Check out our features page, and also the additional pre-built components that are available in the Pro Edition.

Native Administration of Business Logic

Applications have native administration of business logic where it can be tested and changed in real-time.

Nice, editable URLs

Feature Demo

Tagger Cat gives you nice user friendly URLs that are both RESTful and logical.